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Post by DaeshaClarissa on Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:45 pm

Basic CRL for custom twi'leks (includes some canon crl reference)
Scroll to end for non Twi'leks.

Notes: Canon reference includes; movies, art work from books (legends included), art from comic books (legends included), and Lucasfilm video games (legends included).
This basic CRLs are still under going some work. May change at any time.

should match closely to painted skin (or natural skin tone).
If lekku are off by a shade; there should be separation of natural hairline/face area, with the applied lekku. Example: a twi'lek headpiece, fabric wrap, headpiece and goggles, etc.

Shoe laces; should be covered by boot covers, or part of costume (example: long pants, straps), unless based on canon(the Canon reference of shoe laces must be submitted).( Legacy references are permitted.)

Corset laces; Canon reference must be submitted with your stills. ( Legacy references are permitted.)
If there is no canon reference; back laces are approvable as long as they remain covered. If there are more than one row of laces; please send a canon reference. ( Legacy references are permitted.)

Mesh wearing twi'leks  (including canon twi'leks)

For approval; all women wearing mesh tops must have their breasts covered.
Example 1: For Oola; sew prices fabric that match painted skin under the mesh. Secure mesh and under fabric down with fashion tape or carpet tape.
Example 2; Place bald caps onto each breast and glue into place.
Example 3; Take a flesh tone bra and paint with body paint.

We want to remain child friendly and to avoid costume malfunctions.

Mesh in gluteus maximus and under regions for both male and female;

Matching, full covered underwear (no thongs).
Tights(with full coverage of underwear due to sheerness) or solid colored leggings.
Dance belt is required for all men in this regard.

Male Twi'leks

Ear cones: Males do not have ear cones. Unless the character has a rare genetic mutation that granted him to have female ears. This mutation must be stated for approval.

Pointed teeth;
Not required for approval.

Ear Cones female Twi'leks;
A majority of female twi'leks do have ear cones.
Ear cones will NOT be mandatory for approval(due to canon female twi'leks that do not show ear cones).

Mash Ups

Completely welcomed!
But will remain in it's own category and will be unable to do some events( any Lucasfilm official events).
Mash up members can still attend gatherings, photoshoots, non official events (in costume) and parades (example: dragoncon parade).
Please keep your mash up tasteful and avoid offensive material. Keep it light hearted and fun! Even warrior mash ups are permitted.
Members of the mash up grouping can attend official events, but must not be in mash up costume.

Lekku Sisterhood & Brotherhood (aka Koccielle Twi’lek)

Members of the lekku sisterhood & Brotherhood (aka Koccielle Twi’leks) are non twi'lek races who also have lekku.
These members will still be under the twi'lek society banner but with their own branch (example: the mash up branch).
These members will be permitted to official events, as long as they are not in a mash up costume.
Same rules must be followed as above in regarding for approval.

Note about Koccielle Twi’lek term:  Twa’jani; This Twi’lek ceremony, also known as a Bloodening, marked an offworlder as Koccielle Twi’lek and an honorary member of a clan. The term Twa’jani translated into Basic as “the ritual of lasting welcome.” Through this ceremony, a Twi’lek clan is expanded and through the shedding and consuming of blood, clans grow to include not only other Twi’lek who are without their own clan, but also those non-Twi’lek who then become members of that clan.

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