Rain and the struggles of rain

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Rain and the struggles of rain Empty Rain and the struggles of rain

Post by DaeshaClarissa on Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:12 pm

Even though we all would rather have our latex lekku and body paint stay dry; mother nature sometimes has other ideas.

Latex can get wet; but should be treated with a nice coating of baby/ talc powder, once you are finished wearing them.
It will help your lekku in the long run.

Sometimes, even with our strongest body paint on..wear can happen. Sealer should help, but the worse case; wear a rain poncho while going to your event. Make sure it's loose enough, as to have as little rub as possible.

Umbrellas are your best friend. Saran wrap (plastic wrap) is also your friend in regards to keeping your makeup on your lekku, perfect.

Do you guys have any tips in regards to rain and staying as perfect as possible? Share, please!


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Rain and the struggles of rain Empty Re: Rain and the struggles of rain

Post by Puggmama on Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:25 am

I don't have a tip, but i do have a story from this past DragonCon. All those hotels can be a maze. Add in the habittrails and the food court. Uuuggghhhh. So i'm all done up for thursday nights Playboy bunny party. I use alcohol paint, ReelCreations, and i was in blue for the weekend. We partied. We were tired. We were hungry. So the only thing left open was the CVS. My hubby took us through the food court to CVS. Then, almost immediately after we entered they closed that entrance. Leaving us the upstairs, outside entrance. I don't even want to discuss how upset i was at this point. Lots of pain. We get upstairs. Go outside.... it is POURING Rain!!! And i mean pouring buckets. No other choice than to walk outside to our hotel a block and a half away. My costume was silk. My lekku had some acryllic paint on them. ALL signs point to disaster. I just about cried. Put on my best Grumpy Cat face and trudged on. I got lots of lovely comments about how sad of a Twi'lek i was. (At this point i was just going to milk that sadness).

Made it back. Paint was running. There was blue everywhere. Our room was dark. I took things off. I couldn't look. I was devastated. Went to bed.

Next morning, after a shower, i decide to look at the devastation. I'm shocked!! My lekku look great. My body paint wasn't totally shot. My bunny suit was OK! Like really ok. The only things that were ruined were my cuffs and collar. And there's a little blue on my bunny tail. I'm still impressed at it.

I never did figure out where all the blue was running from really. I set my makeup. It was supposed to be waterproof. And it really didn't look bad the next day, even after showering. Granted, i did touch things up.

So i really believe in ReelCreations now. It was nice to my skin. I even used their setting spray. Awesome!!

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