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Post by DaeshaClarissa on Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:01 pm

(Note: Subject to change. Rules may be added and so on)

There is ZERO Tolerance for bullying, threats, shaming, identity theft, mental abuse, physical abuse, and so on.
There will be no warning and you will be removed and banned from Twi'lek Society.

All Fan Fic is owned by it's creator. Any form of theft from said creator will result in a ban and/ or legal action, if needed.

All pictures, fan fic, and so on must obtain to the pg-13 standard of rating. Including basic chat.

Introduction is a must! So we can all say "Hello!" and know what clan area you will be apart of. We love meeting all of you!

We are all family and strive to have this, as a safe place for all.

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